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San Luis Obispo, CA

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Michelle Johnson

Bloom is the expression of my heart created to share my insights and experiences through my writing. My intention is to bring mindfulness to daily life, create awareness in different aspects of relationships and raising our children and do this all with humility and a sense of humor.


I am a mom of four amazing children, ages 24, 19, 12 and 11, one girl and three boys. I'm married to a man that supports my every endeavor and is the ying to my yang so to speak. My professional background consists of over 20 years in the creative/design business and in 2011 I was inspired to train in NLP, Reiki & Hypnotherapy. After a year and a half of being a practitioner, I decided to go back to my first! I currently work as an Art Director full time and spend my free time with my family and friends. I find writing very therapeutic and will continue to do so as I am inspired.

Other Gigs

I feel very honored to be an author contributor on a blog called The intention is to connect with you on a level that allows you to integrate conscious living into your own daily life. Whether it is about parenting, friendships, self-discovery, or love, we the authors, will offer an authentic piece of ourselves to you with honesty and love.


I'm also the 'Conscious Living' author on another amazing blog called Our mission is to empower, support and promote women. There are a wide variety of insightful and informative articles on this website that promote success and provide you with the tools to grow in your career as well as stay true to your authentic self.