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I started a new journey with Michelle to help with my roller coaster weight, anxiety and worry. I’ve been on anxiety medication for 13 years (Since I was 30) and have learned to control some of my issues while on the medication but every time that I tried to cut back on my medication my symptoms would come back and I would increase my dose within a week. Now with the help from Michelle I have cut my prescription in ½ (it has been 3 months.) I will not have to increase my medication. I feel better than ever. I’ve come across times and situation in the last few months in which I would have had anxiety and worry and realized these situations don’t bother me. I have overcome them. “I love the way I feel and how I react to situations that would have been difficult three months ago in which are not anymore. Every day life is easier. “


As for the roller coaster weight, I feel that time will arise for me to get to my ideal weight and keep it there. I have actually lost some weight and have kept it off. I’ve learned how to let some of my food cravings go and brought awareness to my decisions of what I intake. I am making great life changes. Thanks Michelle, I am happier, healthy and less stressed. I LOVE who I am becoming. I am able to look at things in a better light. I know now that “I have a Purpose” and cherish every minute of it. 


—S. Thompson

I went to see Michelle for smoking cessation. I was tired of smelling like an ashtray and spending so much of my income on something that would eventually kill me.  By the time I reached out to Michelle for assistance, I was up to 18 cigarettes a day.  After only four sessions with her, I was down to four cigarettes a day. Michelle used different techniques during each visit, adjusting her approach as necessary to best resonate with me as an individual. She is kind, patient, and above all, empathetic. You leave her office knowing that you have someone rooting for you in your corner.


—E. Robinson

Michelle Johnson has helped me to change my life. I have overcome some core issues that were keeping me blocked, in a very short time. She is a compassionate guide who can help you to overcome issues that are holding you back from becoming all that you are capable of being and achieving your full potential. She is passionate about her craft and carefully structures her approach to fit your personal style. If you are ready to change your life for the better, contact Michelle and learn how you can quickly become more of who you are meant to be.
Sherry Lutz Herrington – Owner, Sherrington Financial Fitness

I have worked professionally with Michelle on different projects and highly recommend her as a therapist. She is an effective communicator, great listener and passionate about helping others. She has a very calm demeanor and a charming disposition that is fun and light. Michelle seems to intuitively pick up on things and I see that as an asset in her line of work. 

Marney Reid – Founder,

Michelle Johnson is a woman of great character, authenticity, and love. Having had the privilege of learning along side her, I have been able to witness her unique ability to connect with others in a way that allows for support and growth. Michelle is always quick to help, whether through offering ideas from her vast knowledge base or listening with an open heart. She has a deep and authentic passion for serving others, continuously finding ways to fine-tune her skills and self improve. I am honored to have Michelle Johnson in my life, knowing I am lifted to a higher form of myself through her presence. 


Jennifer Laurent — Author & Founder,